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Yes, we all got cheated by the City when they used the last 3 years to average our workmen's compensation settlement. THE LAW IS VERY PLAIN!! The City should have used the last 12 months we worked. All of us lost thousands of dollars... BUT, the law also says you must contest a settlement within 24 months or you have no claim. I've worked on this 3 years ago but it keeps coming up. I could find no lawyer who would take it to court. I know it hurts to know the City cheated you out of so much money. Don't take my word for it, contact your own lawyer... if a lawyer takes your case there are fifty others who would like to join in.

Rich Gaddis


  • Date: Friday December 9, 2004
  • Location: Holiday Inn Portsmouth
  • Time: 6 - 9pm
  • Cash Bar
  • 7pm Dinner Costs: $11.00
  • Member Only
  • $22.00 Member & 1 Guest
  • $ 0.00 Widow
  • $11.00 Widow & 1 Guest
  • $29.00 Per Each Additional Guest
  • RSVP: November 30,2005 Harold Thompson 484-4924

Please make your checks out to:
Retired Police and Fire Association
Mail to: P.O. Box Portsmouth, VA 23701


Fresh Vegetable Crudite
Garden Salad w/ Ranch & French Dressing
Roasted Herb Turkey w/ Giblet Gravy Cranberry Sauce
Baked Sugar Cured Ham w/ Pineapple Raisin Sauce
Homemade Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes
Corn Pudding
Country Style Green Beans
Corn Muffins and Rolls
Apple, Pecan and Pumpkin Pies
Chocolate Cake
Iced Tea, Regular and Decaff Coffee

Reservations and monies should be sent to the Police and Fire Fighters Retired Association, P.O. Box 3855, Portsmouth, VA 23701 by December 2.

The party will be in one of the conference rooms NOT in the restaurant.

There will be a number of nice door prizes. Each widow and member attending will receive one ticket. Remember, don't forget to pick up your ticket at the sign in table. There will be no tickets sold.

Mr. Meeker has agreed to play for our Christmas Party again.

Rooms will be available at the Holiday Inn at $65 per night (this is really a good price).

If you have any questions contact:

  • Jody Markel 668-2747
  • Harold Thompson 757-484-4924


The following are the newest to retire:

  • Battalion Chief John C. Hoffler, Fire
  • Captain John C. Whitehurst, Fire
  • Charles L. Bond, Police
  • Sgt Jonathan S. Early, Police

We do not have the addresses for the above. If you have a phone number or mailing address for any of them please call Dickie Journee, 757-488-9086 so we can send them an Association application.


Rick Williams mentioned we need to be mindful of the upcoming Council mantic election April 3, 2006. The following seats coming up are Ms. Randle, Mr. Moody and Mr. Whitehurst.


We have received return mail from the following. If you know their new addresses please contact Dickie Journee at 757-488-9086.

Minnie McGlashan (Mac's widow) Alan R. Donker


Take time and check your mailing label for your dues status. Dues are still only $36.00 per year. New members pay and additional $10.00 initiation fee.


Chaplain, Claude Bour, asks if you, your family member or a retiree is ill or in need please contact him at 757-393-2198. Should you miss him please leave a message on his answering machine, it is on all the time.


Jerry Hasty has been under the weather lately. Maybe calls and cards would help. 3118 Bath St., Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

We have just received new mailing address for Sylvia Kaiser. Please send "thinking of you" cards we are sure it will make her day. Sylvia Kaiser, Stratford Ct Health Center, Room 230, 6347 Sunrise, Boca Raton, FL 33433.

Please keep Loxie Blick in your prayers she is preparing to for surgery some time in November.

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